A new member of the group! Welcome Angel!

Ángel Vela Cruz is an Aerospace Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He focuses his interest in the acquisition of knowledge in fields, such as organic chemistry, organic and inorganic synthesis, characterization methods and nanostructures development.

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Dr. Alejandro Baeza has get a professorship position in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid!! Organic Nanotechnology Lab has started!!!!

On 8th June 2018, Dr. Alejandro Baeza has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Material Science and Chemistry in Aeronautical and Space Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Organic Nanotechnology lab has started!!! Our research lines are focused on the development of novel therapies for cancer, from the development of multifunctional nanocarriers capable to deliver […]

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Our research in Collagenase nanocapsules has been presented in Spanish Academy of Dermatologist

– Dr. Maria Rocío Villegas has given a Keynote titled “Collagenase nanocapsules for fibrosis treatment” in Spanish Academy of Dermatologist, 26th April, 2018. Madrid, Spain. She has described the technology patented by us to produce polymeric nanocapsules able to release collagenase during more than 10 days. These capsules have been applied for the treatment of fibrotic […]

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