New members of the group. Let´s do nanosicence!

Laura, Marta, Diana and Alicia has joined to the group as Master and Graduate students. Their work are focused in the combination of immunogenic cell death and tumoral microenvironment priming in neuroblastoma therapy. Stay tuned for upcoming news! Great things are going to happen in the project. Let´s do nanoscience!

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Talking about mesoporous silica nanoparticles in oncology in Royal Pharmacy Academy of Spain

Dr. Alejandro Baeza has given a Keynote titled “Nuevas estrategias para el diseño de nanotransportadores selectivos en terapia antitumoral” in the Pharmacy Royal Academy of Spain , 2nd November, 2017. Madrid, Spain. We have presented the advances carried out in the last years. A really interesting talk!!! See the talk in the following link:​

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